Riley was invited to a sleepover at Sara's house. It was unusual, since Sara was #1 in popularity, and Riley.... not so much. Riley couldn't wait to move up in popularity. She couldn't wait to have fun.

Riley drove up to her house. The lights were on, and music was blasting. "It's more of a party", she said to
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herself. She opened the door, and saw a disco ball, a boombox, flashing lights, but only three girls. "Hey guys. Where's everyone else?" Sara turned to Riley. "This is everyone". One friend shut and locked the door behind Riley. "Wait, this is it? I thought there would be-" Riley's arms were pinned to her back. Sara stepped forward and grabbed her neck. "Time for the main event."

They dragged Riley upstairs to Sara's room. They stripped down to her underwear and tied her up. Sara laughed. "You really think I'd bring you to an actual party?" Riley began to cry. "Let me go!" Sara grabbed Riley's waist. "Not until we have some fun." "Nooooo-!" Riley screamed before Sara put a tape gag around Riley's mouth. "You know for a loner, you got a pretty good body. Mind if I touch it?" Sara grinned grabbing a pair of scissors from her drawer. She cut the bra straps and watched the remains of the bra flutter to the floor. Riley tie Ed red from embarassmentt and sarah laughed.