Mike walked into the parlor and entered his assigned room. He had been working really hard lately and his entire body was sore. A woman, who was the massager, came in. "Hello. Please lay on the bed and relax." Mike layed down on the bed with his back facing down. Suddenly, the woman injected him with a drug. He flinched for about a second, and then he couldn't move. The woman then kissed him and took off all of his clothes except for his briefs. She grabbed his crotch and squeezed. Mike couldn't do anything but feel the pain. She let go and then took off her clothes. "But I can't have all the fun. You should have some too". She slid the briefs away from him and grabbed hold of his penis. One hand held his cock, while the other held
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his testicles. Mike breathed and gasped as the woman moved her hand up and down his pillar and squeezed and caressed his sacs. "You like that?" "Yes... mmm..." The woman grinned. She pressed a button, and straps held Mike's arms and legs to the table. But Mike didn't mind; it felt so good. The woman then bent down and licked the tip of Mike's penis. Mike could feel his pelvises moving. "Ugh... ooo... ngghhh!!" The woman then smiled and looked at Mike's submissive face. "Now it's time for me to have fun". Her hands then both grabbed his penis hard and squeezed like a vice. Then her right hand twisted one way, and the left one the other. Mike suddenly felt extreme pain. "Owww!!!!" The woman then squished his balls with her foot and moved her foot around, crushing his balls. "Aghh!!!! It hurts!!!" The woman ignored him, and continued to lick the tip, and even began to close her lips around them. She turned her hands the other way and squeezed. His penis turned purple. "The session's almost done, so I'll finish with a bang!" Her feet then stood on a stool, and she held his penis tightly. She then stood up tall, and pulled his crotch upward. His butt left the table, and she pulled his body up from his penis. "OWWWW!!!!!" She then let go and wiped his aching body with warm water. "Come again another time? Oh, right.... you're staying here with me."