Jake entered the jungle searching for elusive Twin Spheres of Legend. Then, he fell into a deep hole. He looked up and saw a snake woman looking like Nicki Minaj. She wrapped her tail around him and squeezed. "Why are you here, baby?" "Uhhh.. owch!" Nicki held his chin and
smiled. "You must be lost". Jake didn't feel comfortable and tried to squirm free. But Nicki just squeezed tighter. "Answer me are you lost?" Jake shook his head. "You're so stubborn!" Nicki's tail wrapped around Jake's throat and choked him, while her hands caressed his face. Then she dragged his over to a vertical rock and tied him to it with vines. She whipped his back and belly with her tail. "Tell me!" "OWOWOWOW!!!!" Then Nicki licked his chest while she reached for a dagger. He slid the
blade around Jake's body, and then grabbed his penis. "Tell me, or I'll cut it off". Jake gulped. "OK... I am lost". Nicki smiled. "Good!" She put the dagger away and grabbed his neck. "Now, why are you here?" Jake shook his head. Nicki stood tall, and pushed her huge breasts into Jake's face. At first he was pleased, but then her breasts seemed to close around his face, suffocating him. "Mrrphhh!!! Phhhh!!!" She let go. Then, her tail slid under Jake's pants and wrapped around his shaft and stimulated it. "Tell me..." Nicki held his face and hypnotized him. "Mmmmm..." Jake smiled. "I'm trying to find... the Twin Spheres of Legend..." Nicki backed away and smiled even more. "Well, you've come to the right place". She untied him and wrapped herself around him and performed a sleeper hold. Then she let go and pinned him to the ground. "So... my butt is that legendary?" Jake was confused, but then sighed deeply. Wow. She turned around, and out of her tail came the biggest pair of buttcheeks Jake had ever seen. She pressed them against his face, and they vibrated.