The anime girl shoved me to the floor. I only had my underwear on. She crawled towards me and began to kiss me passionately. Her hand grabbed hold of my crotch and rubbed it. "I can't bear it..." Her boobs pressed against my chest as her saliva dripped from her lips and landed onto my groin.


I woke up in a bed, my eyes blindfolded and my arms tied behind my back. My legs were spread open. "Are you ready?" The girl pulled out a brush and began to brush the hairs along my shaft. As I struggled, the hairs rubbed the tip and my balls.


The succubus grabbed my body and shoved me onto the bed. One of her hands held my body close to her, while the other grabbed hold of my penis. "Hold still, boy." Her tail wrapped around the base of my penis and tied it tightly. My penis stood erect, blood pumping through it.


The girl sat on top of me and grabbed hold of the cloth binding my wrists together. Her lips then sucked on the tip of my penis. Her crotch nestled over my mouth as her tongue lathered my penis. She was aggressive.

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One of the girls had my neck nestled between her breasts, as her fingers pinched and twisted my nipples. The other girls bound my penis in a cord, before grabbing it with her gloved hands and licking the tip.