Hundreds of people gathered at the stage of BDSM Con in Bloomville. At the stand was the infamous Gasmie.
640px-Forced Orgasm on-stage
"Hey guys, you've been waiting for a long time, so let's get it started!" Another girl walked onto the stage. Gasmie tied her to the sofa so her legs pointed apart and upward. The crowd waited for the reveal. "My friends and I have developed a new vibrator for everyone's pleasure. It's called the Vibe-Rator. It's so advanced that even a touch can force an orgasm." The crowd cheered. Gasmie crouched down with the Vice-Rator and pressed the button. It began vibrating and Gasmie placed it on the girl's crotch. The girl's face changed and she closed her eyes. "MMMMM!!!!!"