Amanda woke up tied to a tree. All she had on was her underwear. "Where am I?" Two girls approached her. "Hey Amanda. We were wondering. Are you ready for the wrestling match tomorrow?" "What?" Amanda was a female wrestler. "It's the championship. But you can't kidnap me!" One of the girls kneeled down and held her chin. "We can. Because you cheated your way to the top". Amanda gasped. "How do you know?" "I know things." "You'll pay for
your crimes tomorrow." Amanda struggled. "Let me out! I have to win the championship!" The two girls picked her up and dragged her over to the wrestling building. They threw her onto an empty exercising room. One girl went under Amanda and performed a sleeper hold. "Urk-!" "This is my special technique. It's both effective and fun." The girl shook Amanda around. "I'll use this tomorrow. Are you ready?" Amanda struggled to catch her breath. "You're... my opponent?" "Of course I am. Emily". The other girl sat down, and grabbed Amanda's ankles, and pressed her foot into Amanda's groin. "Because of you cheating, the tournament has decided to either disqualify you, or for you to face both of us." "What?" "Yes. It'll be fun." Amanda gasped as she realized she would surely pay for her crimes.