Ben was in the bar when a black haired woman walked up to him with sunglasses. "Want to come with me to the back?" she asked. "OK" Ben replied. "What could go wrong?" They went into the
bathroom, then the woman pushed him against the wall and removed her glasses. "Wait.. aren't you Jessie J?" Ben asked, surprised. The woman smiled and pressed her body against his. "All you need to know is that you're with me now". Then she kissed him, and Ben went along with it. Then behind her back, Jessie pulled out a chloroform cloth and pressed it against Ben's mouth. "Ah.. mrphhhh!!!" She dragged him down to the ground and held the cloth against his mouth. Ben struggled and almost broke free, but then Jessie wrapped her other arm around his throat and squeezed. Then, Ben's world turned black. Ben woke up in a closet with only his jeans and tank top. His head hurt. Then the door opened
and a girl stood in front of him. Ben gasped. "Ariana Grande?" The girl helped him up and then smiled. "You're my special guest". Then four other girls walked in. "Hey, this is my boyfriend Ben", Ariana said. "Wait, we just met..." Ben remarked. Then, the four girls grabbed him and threw him onto the bed and held his arms and legs down. "Hey- what the!" Then Ariana took off her clothes and stood on top of him. "You want to break free, Ben? Then you'll have to go through me", she said seductively. She slid her hands onto Ben's naked chest and felt his abs. Then she rubbed his six pack. Then she quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Then, with sexy precision, humped his briefs and held his face and she slowly moved her lips toward his. "Goodbye Ben". Ariana pulled out a syringe and jabbed it into his side. Then, again Ben saw nothing.