Ben woke up in a room, with Nicki Minaj looking at him. "You little rascal!" Nicki grabbed him and pinned him to the floor. "I hate you". Her knees hit his penis, while she licked his neck. "But you're so hot". Ben didn't know what to say. Then Nicki leaned over and pushed her breasts into his face. Ben struggled, and his mouth vibrated her breasts. "Oh yes, that feels good!" She let go and pulled out a whip, and whipped his back. "Now, lay down!" Ben layed down with his back to the floor. She whipped his chest and belly, and then moved over and hit his
penis and legs. "OW!" "This is what you get!" "FOR WHAT?!" Nicki stopped and grabbed his chin. "For being Ben". Ben sighed, while Nicki dragged him over to a helicopter. They landed in a dark alleyway, where Nicki cornered him. "Now, say goodbye". "Why are you doing this to me?" "Alright I'll tell you. Turns out Ariana likes you, but she wants
you to be broken before you can get it on". Nicki stripped him down to his briefs, and pulled out a knife and held it to his throat. "And she made one wish". She pulled out a camera and set it on a trash can, and began filming. "Now, go into that pool". Ben crawled into a baby pool covered in oil. His body became slippery. Nicki then jumped in and held the knife to his neck, while the other grabbed his nipples. "Don't move!" Her legs hit his penis and played around with it. They rolled around, while the camera was recording everything. Ben woke up in Ariana's room. Jessie J and Nicki pinned him against the wall, and tied his arms over his head. Jessie J leaned over and her hand slipped under his briefs. "You know... I like you too. You kiss good". Her hands ran up and down his shaft. "Cut it out, J!" Nicki snapped. Ariana entered the room, and smiled as she approached Ben. They began to kiss. But then, Ariana pulled out a gun. "Bang bang". And shot Ben in the chest.