I handed Akshar the soap but she threw it behind herself and grabbed me by the shoulders. "Shut up." She pushes me into the hotel bathroom and rips off my shirt. "Whoa, what are you doing?" Her hands clap onto my cheeks and plants a kiss on my lips. After we make out for a few seconds, she lets go and stares into my eyes. "You're my toy." She pushes me onto the floor, and while looking straight at my eyes, pulls off her shirt. Then, she lifts up her foot and steps on my crotch. "OW!" Her foot presses down on my crotch. "Oooh, that hurts, doesn't it?" She begins to feel herself, then she takes off her jeans. She drags me to the bathtub and gets in with me. She stands over me as she pulls down my pants. Then, she turns on the faucet and warm water begins to pour into the tub. Her foot slams into my crotch again. "OOOWWWW!!!" "Shut it!" Her hand cups over my mouth, and rubs my crotch with her knee. Then, she twists my nipples. She removes my underwear and sees my erect penis. "Getting hard, are we? I guess you do like this." She lathers her hands

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with soap and massages my chest. Working around my nipples and down my belly. Then, she grabs my penis and starts to stroke it up and down. While one hand strokes my shaft, her other hand reaches down and rubs my balls, caressing them. After a while, she grabs a towel and uses it to tie my wrists to the handlebars. Right as I'm about to climax, she lets go of my penis, and I don't orgasm. "So, close, boy." I'm saddened and beg her to do it more. She takes some of the tub water and sloshes it on my penis, washing out the soap. Then, her lips close around my cock and move up and down. Her lips suction my penis and her tongue lathers the head. Her fingers grab my chest. It feels so good. But, she denies my orgasm again. My penis is red. Then, she takes a different towel and wraps it around the base of my penis. She ties it tight, and my cock and balls bulge out. "We're not even done yet." She unties my wrists and drags me out of the tub. She pins me to the bathroom floor and ties my arms together, over my head. She then takes a toothbrush and brushes the head of my penis with it. Then, she moves it around the shaft, before rubbing my testes with it. "Oooh..." Finally, she drags me out of the bathroom and onto the bed. She binds my ankles together and uses a sock to gag me. She takes my cock in her hands and squeezes it as hard as she can.