On the Avengers Helicarrier, Maria Hill walked down the hall. As she rounded the corner and pair of hands grabbed her, holding her mouth and waist. "Hello, Agent Hill." A voice whispered into her ear. "Agent Romanoff?" "I've been watching you for a while now, and I must have you." "What?" Widow plants a kiss on Maria's neck, and then begins licking her. Maria's hand reaches for her gun and points it at Romanoff. "Stop this." Widow uses her leg to twist Maria's arm and pinned it against the wall. "Feisty. I like that." Maria kicks Widow and breaks free. Before she can run off, Widow stabs Maria with a needle. Maria's muscles grow weak as Widow pins her against the wall. "You can't run away from me now." Widow kisses Maria on the lips as her hands caress her waist. Maria couldn't struggle. Widow then lifted Maria's arms above her head. With one


hand she held her wrists in place, and Widow planted her face in Maria's chest. Her other hand unzipped Maria's jacket zipper. "No..." Maria gasped. Widow kissed Maria's chest. Then, as Widow revealed Maria's shirt, her knee rubbed up against Maria's crotch and wiggled around. Widow then pulled out a knife and cut through Maria's shirt, revealing her underwear. Widow's hand held and caressed Maria's breasts as she suckled her neck. Her lips then moved down to her belly, and her lips kissed Maria's waist. Widow then spun Maria around, handcuffed her hands, and then grabbed Maria's butt and squeezed. "You're so beautiful." As one hand slapped her butt, Widow's other arm wrapped around Maria's throat. Then, Widow put Maria in a choke hold.

When Maria woke up, she was tied to a pole, her arms tied above her head, her upper body covered only with a leather bra. Her pants were still on. Widow approached Maria and touched her chin. "My feeling of love are too strong." Widow's hand felt Maria's belly. "You have surprising abs, Maria." Widow took some liquid and spread it around Maria's belly, chest and shoulders. Widow then pulled out an electric machine, and placed many pads on Maria's abs. Maria screamed as her abs were electrocuted. "You're too loud." Widow stuffed a gag in Maria's mouth.