Jason woke up tied to a chair. He could barely move. A girl entered the room and smiled. "You'll stay 5 days with us. Each day one of us will be with you, pleasuring us. Each woman will be progressively more brutal and naughty. If you pass all five of us, you'll be
Tied up
gifted with our alpha woman on the sixth day". Jason smiled, but was afraid. "I'm Kailie, and I'm your first test", She walked behind him and lifted his chin. Then they kissed with their tongues, and Kailie caressed Jason's nipples. Then her hands slid down to his belly, and they felt his abs. Jason was raptured in her kiss. Then her hands formed around his penis, and grabbed them. Jason flinched, and then Kailie put an arm around his neck. "Got you". Her other hand grabbed his penis as she choked him. "OWWWWWW!!!!" "Your scream is cute". She let go and left the room. Then Jason fell asleep.