Jason woke up again, this time in another room. A woman with lingerie entered with a
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whip. "You boy." She hit his bare back. "Sit". He sat, and the woman went up behind him and wrapped her arm around his neck. The whip curled around his face and down his chest. "Will you obey my command? You won't like it?" Jason nodded, and she smiled. "Well then. Masturbate in front of me". Jason suddenly blushed, and shook his head. "Why, are you embarrassed? I thought you'd do what I told you to!" She hit his back again. "I'll make this harder. Masturbate while singing to me". Jason shook his head. "That's much to-!" She kicked him in the ribs. "One more time! Masturbate while singing, and let me whip your belly". Jason refused, and she picked him up and threw him onto the floor. She whipped him five times and then sat on top of him. "Too bad. Better luck next time tomorrow".