Jason woke up, and this time there were two dominatrixes. He noticed they had huge breasts.
Ricki Lee Ralph dominatrix boobs 300x400 201009
They seductively walked up to him and touched his muscular chest. "Oooo, nice." One caressed his nipples, while the other
touched his abs. Then, they pushed him onto a bed. One sat on top of him and smothered his face with her breasts. "Mmmmmmmm!!!!" Jason felt happy. Then she got off, and other one came in with a whip. "I heard you were difficult for the previous dominatrix." "Now, do what you were supposed to do, and you'll get your reward." Jason began touching his penis, fondling the head and stroking the shaft. "Ooo say can you see... UUUGGHHH!!! By the dawn's early.. MMMMNNNNGG!! Soo... proudly we.. AAAUUGHHHH!!!!" As he masturbated, the woman whipped his chest and feet. After he finished, the other woman sat on top of his again and began to kiss him with her tongue, while she felt his sides and her breasts pressed against his chest.