Jason woke up and another dominatrix approached him. She had a whip and huge high heels. She hit him, and forced him onto the ground. She stood on top of him, crushing his body with her heels. Then she leaned over and spit into his mouth. She got off and took off his underwear.
She whacked it with her whip. Then she dragged him over to a contraption, where his legs became spread out. She kicked his balls three times. Then, she whipped his face and chest. Then, she grabbed his penis and lifted it up. "AOOOOOOAOAWWW!!!!" Lifting it up with one hand, she whacked his testicles with the other. She let go, and then sat down. Her legs lifted up, and her heels stroked his penis. Suddenly, they smashed together, squishing his balls. "OWWW!!" She rolled it around, before bringing out her final act. She brought in a taser, and shocked his penis into submission.
          • Day 6 is for your own! Did Jason pass the test? Will he be able to see the alpha woman? What will the alpha woman do next? *****