"See me after class."

Mrs. Robinson slowly approached my desk and placed her hands on the desk. "You're failing this class, and even if you get 100% on the next exam you won't make it. I guess there's only one thing left to do." She unbuttons her shirt, revealing her bra. A grin comes to my face. "Oh man..." She places a finger over my mouth. "But it won't be as fun for you. You need to be punished." Her hands slide down my body and caress my chest. Then, she rips my shirt. She presses her breasts into my face. It begins to get hard to breathe. Mrs. Robinson ties her tie around my neck, keeping us in close quarters. She twists my nipples and sticks her fingers in my mouth. She uses her knee to push against my crotch. Her legging rub against my legs. A pop a boner. She smiles and cups my groin. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" As she kisses me, she unzips my


pants and grabs hold of my underwear. She lathers her hands in hand sanitizer and rubs it all over my clothed crotch. It begins to sting. "OW!" "I told you it wouldn't be all fun." She drags me to the floor and stands over me. She finally removes my underwear, and my penis stands straight up. "Hmmm. So you're one of those perverts who get turned on by pain?" Mrs. Robinson takes a ruler and drags it down my body. Then, she lightly touches my penis with it. Then, she whacks the shaft, hard. The ruler slaps against my balls. "OW!" She uses her tie to bind up my penis and balls. They bulge out, red. She drags me to my feet and presses me against the wall. Her legs rub against my erect penis, moving back and forth. Her knee presses against my balls. She then takes a textbook and smashes my penis between the pages. "OWWWW!" Mrs. Robinson smiles, as she uses her legs to keep the book in place. She licks my neck as her hands rub my sides. I grimace in pain. "This is your lesson, boy." Her hands slide down to my butt cheeks, and she clenches them.