Alice got out the car and sighed. "I wasn't speeding! I was below the speed limit!" The female cop came over. "Yeah, yeah. That's what they always say. Turn around". "I'm serious! I'll be late for a meeting". "A strip club
Hot cop
meeting, that's for sure", the cop pushed Alice onto the hood of her car. "Wait, what! You can't arrest me!" Alice struggled. The cop put handcuffs on her and dragged her into the cop car. "You can't do this! This is against the law! Get me out of murrff---!" The cop put a gag over Alice's mouth. "Be quiet. You're going to jail". She drove towards the outskirts of the city, and they stopped in front of a small casino.

The cop dragged Alice into the casino, and into the strip club room. "Hey, guys! I brought a hottie!" Alice gasped. There were guys and girls everywhere. "I'll have her for a few minutes, then she's all yours". "We call dibs after you!" Eddie and Emma called. The cop tied up Alice and sat her down. She took off her clothes and began to feel Alice's legs. "Mmmm..not bad..." She then reached up and grabbed Alice's crotch and butt. "That's better!" She took off Alice's gag. "YOU LESBIAN! STOP IT!" "Never!" The cop licked Alice's face and groped her breasts. "You're mine!"

Eddie and Emma entered the room. The cop held and kissed Alice's legs, and Emma wrapped her fingers around Alice's throat. Eddie reached out and took off Alice's bra, and fondled her. "She's going to be our star!" Eddie stood up, took off his pants, and rubbed his penis on Alice's face.