Icarus drowning by mopeydecker5

Shortly after the story of Daedalus and Icarus....... Icarus lay unconsious on the waves, left by Daedalus, who thought he was dead. But the King Minos knew of the boy, and took advantage of him.

As Icarus's faint body washed onto the shores of Greece, Minos's soldiers, led by Tereces, marched onto the beach to capture the boy. Icarus opened his eyes, and found himself laying on sand, drenched and tired. As he struggled to get up, strong arms took hold of his and lifted them up. Suddenly, armored soldiers pinned his arms behind his back and bound them and tied his ankles together. Tereces pulled out a cloth and gagged Icarus. "The King needs you", Tereces said, then the soldiers dragged Icarus to Rome, where Minos waited.

"I heard your father made wings and tried to fly over the sea", Minos said. "Tell me, how did he make them?" Icarus struggled with the bonds. "I don't know", he honestly replied. The fall had wiped his mind. "Well then, boy. You'd better tell me soon". King Minos growled, and ordered Icarus to the torture room. There they chained Icarus to a table. "Your're about 16, aren't you?" Tereces asked. "Don't worry, no one's too old to be scarred". The soldiers held Icarus's limbs, as Tereces climbed onto Icarus and stripped him of his clothes. "Tell me". Tereces grabbed Icarus's moobs and chin. Then he pinched his sides and hips. "How do you make them?" "I don't know". Tereces grabbed hold of Icarus's crotch and twisted. "Fine, if he won't talk, we'll make him squawk!" But as much as he tried, Icarus couldn't tell them. So King Minos had Icarus brought to the island and held hostage against Daedalus.