Brenda was tied to a chair and gagged. Her interrogator, her old enemy Hannah, punched her stomach again. Then, she slapped her face on both sides and kicked her crotch. "Tell me, where did you put the money?" Hannah took off the gag, and held Brenda's face. "I don't
275px-Chairtied by M Robin2
know!" "Liar! I know you. You're sneaky as heck!" Hannah pulled out a stick and struck Brenda's head. Then she poked her belly hard, and whacked her crotch with it. "I'll never tell you!" "That's what they always say!" Hannah climbed on top of her and grabbed her throat and squeezed. "If you're going to tell me, just tap the chair". Her fingers dug into Brenda's throat as her neck became constricted. Brenda's finger tapped, and Hannah let go. "So, where is it?" "It's... in your butt". Hannah was angry. She punched Brenda in the face and knocked over the chair. She kicked her ribs and stomped on her belly. She grabbed the stick and whacked her face and arms. She grabbed Brenda's throat and shook it. "YOU IDIOT!" She then pulled out a gun and pressed it against Brenda's forehead. "This time, tell me for real". Brenda sighed. "It's... in the attic". Hannah smiled. "Good, now I won't have to kill you." She untied Brenda from the chair and dragged her down to the basement, where she hogtied her and left her there.