Sara went out alone to the city park, where tons of went to see fireworks on July 4th. She sat on the edge of the
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dozens of picnic tables. The fireworks were awesome, but she was waiting for someone. The other day, she had met a cute guy on the street, and their first date was today. The guy, Thomas, appeared and said hi to Sara. "The fireworks are nice, huh?" "Yeah." "Not as nice as you." Sara blushed. He was perfect. "I reserved a restaurant. Wanna come?" Thomas asked. "Yes!" Sara squealed. They got into the car, and drove off into the night. Sara fell asleep, and woke up in a room. She was gagged and her arms were b
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ound to the ceiling. "Mrphhh!!!" Thomas entered the room with a smile. No... "I can't believe you were no naive. Anyway, you're pretty." He stroked her hair, and then grabbed her waist. "Let's do some fireworks." He dragged her outside and stripped her down to her underwear. He then took off shirt and began to touch her boobs, waist and legs. Then, he took a piece of rubber in the shape of the firework and held it in one hand. He then used the other hand to stick it down Sara's underwear. Thomas ripped off her panties and inserted the firework-dildo into her crotch. "Yes... Let the firework blow!"