One day Laocoon (lets call him Lac) and his 2 sons were walking along the beaches of Greece. They decided to visit a secret sea palace called Poseistle. Inside they went into a large room with some puddles. Suddenly dozens of snakes popped out and wrapped around Lac's legs. They squeezed hard. It curled around his abdomen, crushing his waist. A pair of claws popped out and held Lac's brobes. It then curled around his naked shoulders and bit his neck. He struggled to live but the serpent constricted Lac. It bit him in the hip.

Aeneas laocoon

One of his sons, Coon, tried to flee, but another snake quickly caught him in its coils, wrapping about his arms, trapping his limbs. Its tail curled around Coon's legs. It slithered up his naked chest and sunk its fangs into his throat. The other son, Aolk, had a similar fate. Two snakes grabbed his arms and legs and curled around his hips. One of them bit his crotch.