As I finish my laundry, I woman grabs my arm and pins me to the ground. She is really hot. As she kisses me, her tongues wriggles around my mouth. Then, she smooches my cheek and neck. "What are you doing?" I ask. "Just shut up. You're mine now," she replies. She rips open my shirt and kisses my chest. She puts her hand over my mouth as she kisses and bites my nipples. She then works down my chest and licks my abs.


"You're so hot." Then, she lifts up her leg and lightly rubs her knee against my groin. "You like that?" Her hand grabs hold of my pecs. As her leg stimulates my groin, she kisses my lips again. Then, she takes off my belt and ties up my wrists with it. Then, she takes off my pants, revealing my tight underwear. Her knee slams into my crotch over and over again. Her hands massage my biceps as her knee massages my bulge. Then, she removes my underwear and grabs my cock. My mouth moves down my waist and wraps around my penis. She then stuffs a sock into my mouth. She blows me, using her tongue and cheeks. Then, she lets me climax. She wraps a pantyhose around my cock and binds my limbs with scarves. Then, she drags me into her car to kidnap me.