Mika drags me into a room beside the ballroom. She shoves onto the couch and straddles me. Her weight presses on my crotch. "I'll make sure you have fun tonight." She kisses me. Then, she pulls out a rag and shoves it into my mouth. "I can't have you screaming." Another cloth wraps over my mouth. She kisses and licks my neck, then gets off my lap and her hands cup my groin.

She licks her lips tenderly, and squeezes my groin. Then, Mika drags to another side of the room, ties my wrists together and hoists them above my head. She licks my chest and nipples, before ripping off my shirt. She takes lotion and rubs it along my back, pecs, abs and arms. Then, she pulls down my pants and takes my belt. She whacks my back with it, then binds my crotch with it. She tugs on the belt, before pulling down my underwear. She lathers my penis in lube. Then, she rubs my penis with her high-heeled foot.