The nurse had me sit down on the bed. "Now, this is just standard procedure, but I have to check your penis for any bumps." I nodded, understanding it was basic procedure. I laid down on the bed, and the nurse unbuttoned my pants and her hands slid under my briefs. Her hands pressed down around my groin, checking for bumps. But as she her hands moved around, my penis became erect. It took a few seconds before she realized. "" "I'm sorry! I don't mean anything by it!" She pulled her hands out of my pants and looked at me. "Oh...but I do." "Huh?" Her hand grabs me by the groin and she gives it a light squeeze. "You like that


feeling, don't you? Well I'll make sure your penis will be happy." She zips down my pants and pulls them off my legs. "What are you doing???" "SHUT UP!" She grabs my throat. "Take off your shirt!" I follow her command, as she paces around the room. My boner still stands up. She then stands over me, and removes my briefs. She lathers her gloves in lubricant, and then begins to stimulate my shaft and tip. Her lips kiss the tip as her gloved hands move up and down. Her fingers massage my balls and squeeze them lightly.

Then, she sits on my chest. She puts a needle in me, and I can't move. "This is what you get." She takes the blood pressure cuff and wraps it around the base of my penis. As she pumps, my penis gets strangled. It bulges, turning purple. "OWWWW!" She shoves her gloves into my mouth. My penis trembles in the air. She then takes the stethoscope and wraps the cord around my shaft, before lightly touching the tip with the metal edge.