I find myself naked with snakes wrapped around my arms and legs. A little girl laughs and looks at my limp penis. Then, as her snakes squeeze my limbs, my penis suddenly becomes erect. A tentacle comes up from behind me and envelopes my penis, moving it back and forth until I can't bear it any more.


The lamia wraps her body around me, squeezing my body and covering my face. Her lips lick the tip of my penis, as her tongues slides down, coiling around the shaft. Her tongues moves up and down and her lips lather the tip.


The manticore comes up from behind me and grabs me. She plants my head between her breasts, and uses her legs to spread mine apart. Her tail comes around and swallows my penis.


The monster girl holds my head between her breasts, and her slime-like body grabs my legs and spread them apart. I can barely move. One tentacle swallows my penis, and as my body is overcome with sensation, another tentacle comes up and I barely catch a glimpse of a long protrusion.


The lamia wraps her thick tail around me. "Lick it now." She holds my head as I lick her. Her coils open up around my abdomen, and the tip of her tail sneaks around and wraps around my penis. It delicately caresses the tip and head.