Rick was on a flight to Germany. Then, with stealth, walked into the bathroom and closed the door, but forgot to lock it. He felt good that day, and pulled down his pants and attempted to masturbate, but couldn't do it because he was afraid he'd get noticed and embarrassed. Then a flight attendant accidently opened the door and saw him. He quickly pulled up his pants before she could see anything, but she put two and two together. "Oh, I'm sorry to walk in". "Uhhh... apology accepted", Rick replied. Then, to Rick's surprise, the flight attendant stepped into
the bathroom and locked the door behind her. "You need some help with your... pleasure making?" she said curiously. Rick broke a smile for a second, and nodded. Rick slowly pulled down his pants again to reveal his penis. The flight attendant, named Sarah, applied some soap onto her hands and began to caress his penis. Rick leaned back and groaned silently. "Now, stay quiet", Sarah whispered, as her hands slid up and down his shaft. Then she let go and shook her head. "This won't do". She left the room, and came back with another flight attendant named Barbara. Barbara pulled out five strips of cloth. She tied Rick's wrists to the overhead bar and his ankles to the bars on the side. Sarah sat in between his legs. Then Barbara tied a cleave gag around his mouth. Sarah then continued to rub his penis and caressed his testicles. Barbara applied lotion and rubbed Rick's bare chest. Sarah then stimulated his shaft with one hand and lightly touched the head with the other. "You like that?" "Mrrppphhh..." Barbara squeezed his neck with one slippery hand and stroked his abs with the other. Then, when the plane landed, Sarah and Barbara snuck the half-naked Rick into a big container. They rolled the container into their van and drove off into the German countryside.