Prometheus was happy with his gift to mankind : fire. But Zeus was not. "How dare he give man fire!" Zeus ordered his giants. Prometheus layed down in his comfy bed. "I am a god!" he thought. Then the door bust open and three giants barged in. 2 grabbed his arms and the other wrapped a magical chain around Prometheus's arms. "Hey let go-!" The giants cupped his mouth. In secret, the giants brought Prometheus to a mountains, where they nearly stripped him and chained him to the rock. "This is your punishment", said Zeus. Then the eagle came, hungry for meat. It latched onto Prometheus's waist and bit his stomach. It pecked and gnabbed until it ripped out his liver. "AUGGHHHH!!!!"  But then it came back, and the eagled took another liver. For 3 centuries Prometheus endured the pain, until the Mother Eagle arrived.

The Eagle grabbed hold of his throat and ripped him free from the chains. A talon gripped his waist. "Let's see how your creation likes you!" Then the Eagled dropped Prometheus into a lake of Fire.