In the land of Avrika, where lions ruled, there was a small herd of antelope call the Ental. The lions didn't eat the Ental, except for one lion. Her name was Clow. She was a normal lioness, going around hunting. But the drought came, and the lions could only feed on plants and bugs. The Ental moved to a more fertile land, but the lions stayed. Clow and her friends were tired of bugs and plants. So they secretly went out of the pride and headed for Greaness, where the Ental were eating. It took about a week, but by then Clow and her friends had found boar and buffalo. Soon, they arrived. Clow went forward, while her friends stayed behind. Clow heard that the Ental cheif had just died of illness, so a new leader of Ental had to be chosen. All the other male antelopes were warriors, so Savana, the princess antelope, took the position. Clow didn't want any antelope except for Savana. Not to eat, but to capture. Unfortunately, Grasam, Savana's friend, protected Savana. Grasam was pretty good at kicking lions in the eye, so Clow had to make a plan.

At dawn, Clow head for Ental. Grasam was sleeping next to Savana, as usual. Clow picked up a rock and threw it at the ground. Grasam woke up to the sound. "Whose's there?" Then she saw Clow. "Lion! Li-!" Before she could warn the antelopes, Clow jumped forward and grabbed Grasam. She hurled the antelope away from the herd. Grasam fought with her hooves, kicking Clow in every place she could. Then Clow lashed out a scratched Grasam's side. Grasam cried out in pain, and Clow quickly did her signature attacking moves. Clow grabbed Grasam's sides, squeezing very hard, trying to the ribs, Just as Grasam's ribs wer
e about to snap, Clow let go and held Grasam by the chin. Clow gave the signal, and her friends rushed over to hold Grasam's legs to the ground. "I'll take Savana to the lions", Clow said to Grasam. "No-!" One of Clow's friends held Grasam by the neck, cutting off her cry. Another one had a paw over Grasam's mouth. Now it was time for Clow's final move. Her friends all let go, and Clow went forward, her teeth, sinking into Grasam's throat. It only took a few seconds.

After Grasam lay dead, Clow charged for Savana. The leader heard the lion, and ran away. Clow ran at full speed, dodging rocks and ledges. Soon, Clow was equal with Savana. Then Clow jumped up and bit Savana's back. The antelope fell, and Clow pinned her to the ground. Using all her strength, she choked Savana by the neck. When the antelope lay unconsious, the lionesses, dragged Savana to the lions.

At the lions, Savana was eaten by Clow.