I walked into the hotel room, with Scarlett right behind me. I couldn't believe I got a one-day trip with THE Scarlett Johansson and now we were in a hotel room sharing the bed. I sat on the edge of my bed while she took off her clothes. Then she walked over behind me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. "You can't waste this opportunity, boy," she whispers into my ear. "I'll make tonight worthwhile." She pushes me onto the floor. Then she flips  me over and starts kissing me. It feels so good. I wrap my arms around her back. As we make out, she lifts me up with my back against the wall. We continue to kiss, and Scarlett's hands move down my chest and unbutton my shirt. She feels my chest and belly and smiles. As her left hand holds my head, her right hand slides onto my pants, and she feels my groin.
"I know what you want." She gives a light squeeze, and my knees buckle a little. "Already?" Scarlett grins and grabs my crotch with both her hands. She massages my bulge, and my head rolls back. Then she takes off my belt and slowly pulls down my pants. My penis bulges out of my boxers. "Very nice. It seems happy to see me." She gives my boxers a lick and a feel, then pulls them down as well. My penis is fully erect. Scarlett licks her lips and being kissing my cock. Her tongue glides along my head and shaft. Her hands wrap around the base. As her mouth moves in and out, her fingers gravitate toward my balls. She gently massages my testes as she continues to blow me. Then, I couldn't hold in any longer. "I'" Just before I climax, she steps back away from me, and I load all over the floor. "Ooooh, so close boy." I crawl towards her, begging for more. But then she grabs hold of my penis, hard. "No more for today."