Chealsea ran down the tight hallway, scared. Two men in black clothes were chasing her, carrying a needle and ropes and a big bag. She ran down a staircase, but tripped, losing her step and falling. She layed at the base of the stairs for a while, and then woke up. She kept on running. She looked behind her. She could see the two men, shouting, but not too loud. But why would two men be chasing a 14-year old girl in a building?

She put aside the question, focusing on running. After running for another 30 seconds, she stopped and looked behind her. The two men weren't there. I guess I outran them, Chealsea thought. She was one of the most fastest kids in her grade.

She walked out of the building, heading for her car. Then she dropped her keys. Chealsea bended down to pick up her keys, when a pair of muscular arms grabed ahold of her arms and pinned them behind her back. Another pair of hands were cupped over her mouth, and two more arms lifted up her legs. Then the last pair held a needle. She gasped, but couldn't. Then the needle was injected into her side, and she started to fell drowsy. She could feel them wrapping ropes around her wrists, arms and legs. They pulled the bag over her body and carried Chealsea into a car. The car door closed, and Chealsea's world went black.