Chealsea woke up in a room. Not a smelly dark room. A clean, bright room. But she was bound and tied head to toe to a chair. She tried to get free, but the ropes were too tight. And a gag was tightly tied around her mouth. She was helpless. Chealsea started to wonder what was happening. But before she could think, four teenagers walked into the room. All of their shirts had a red R on them. "We're the Rad Team. I'm Brad, this is Rob, this is Steve, and this is Mike. And you must be Chealsea", said one of them.

Brad pulled out a piece of paper. He read,"I, Mr.Meth of Ferny Joy High School, order the Rads to kidnap Chealsea and Megan Sutterson for furher experiments. After the Rads have both of them in HQ, I shall force them to tell me the location of Ms. Rose's house". Chealsea gasped at the sound of the name "Ms. Rose". Ms. Rose was her mom's friend. Mike stepped forward and pulled off her gag. Chealsea bit his finger. "Ow! Brad, she bit me!" Mike whined. Brad grinned, and reached out his hand. His strong hand grabbed Chealsea's throat. She gasped for breath. "Nobody bites any Rad", he said. Brad tightened his grip on Chealsea's neck. "Urk...Brad.... what are you....doing...?" Chealsea choked. "I'm just doing what Mr. Meth told me to do", Brad replied. He let go of her neck. "Tomorrow, the Rads will go to Megan's house", said Brad. And that was very bad, because tomorrow Megan was bringing her boyfriend over.