Mike woke up in Tanya' living room with a chain around his neck. He moaned at what horrible things she would do to him today. Then, he noticed that her shoes weren't at her doorstep. She wasn't home. He silently walked over to the phone and dialed 9-1-1. "Hello?" "Hi. I'm been kidnapped by a crazy girl and I need help." "All right. Where are you?" Mike looked outside. "Bloomville, 45th Street. It's the blue house." "All right." Mike put down the phone and breathed a sigh of relief. Then a hand grabbed hold of his head and pushed him back onto the sofa.
"Tanya?!?!" She was mad. "You!!!" "How?" Tanya grabbed Mike's head and drew him close. "I always go out from the back door." Mike breathed a sigh of dibelief. "Now that you called the police, I guess we'll have to make the best of the time we have." Tanya pushed Mike down onto the carpet. She locked the chain to a table leg and pulled out an electric device. "This machine will shock your skin with these two wires." She coiled the two wires around his penis. She pressed the button, and Mike cried out in pain. After two minutes of shocking, she brought a knife and toyed the knife around Mike's skin. "I'm thinking of killing you." Mike began to cry. "Gasp! I have a better idea!" She removed the chain from Mike's neck and tied his hands behind his back. She also tied his ankles together. Tanya put a ball gag over Mike's mouth, and then put her arm around his throat. "Look here, idiot. Don't do anything stupid, and you'll get our of here alive. With your penis." Police sirens then came, and the officers surrounded the house. "Step out with the man untouched!" Tanya opened the door and carried Mike out, with a knife to his neck. "I have a deal. I give you the man, and you give me freedom." Mike cried out. "Don't shoot!" Tanya smiled. She pressed the blade closer to Mike's neck. "3..2...1.." An officer shot Tanya in the side, not before she lifted the knife and cut off his penis. "MRRRGHHH!!!" Tanya fell down and died. Mike was sent to the hospital, but he never forgot the horrible Killer Kat.