As I walked down the forest floor, a sticky web catches hold of my ankles and lifts up into the air. I flail around as a spider-woman descends towards me. "My... what a beautiful specimen" she says. Her claws run along my chest. "I think I'll keep you." Her sharp fingers dig into my shirt, ripping it off me. My chest muscles bulge. Her many legs shred up my pants as well, revealing my underwear. She then crawls around me and clings to


my back. Her legs wrap around me, and her tongue slides along my neck. Then she bites me, and I pass out.

I wake up in webbing, my arms above my head, bound to the floor with dozens of webbing. The spider-woman stands above me, a smile on her face. "You're my prey now." She sits on my chest, and kisses me. Some of her legs tickle my sides, some of them pinch my nipples, while others grab my crotch and play around with it. While I'm almost at my limit, she lets go and turns around. She gags my with some web, and then binds up my penis with her webbing. My penis and balls bulge out in web from the web binding. She uses a strand of webbing to tie the head of my penis.